BOB Double Pindown - FastModel Sports

Published 10/29/2016 by Mo Dakhil Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Every team needs a Deep Corner Baseline Out of Bounds play. It is a situation that may come up seldomly but coaches should have a play they can go to in this situation. The Philadelphia 76ers' coach Brett Brown was prepared with this gem of a play on opening night agains the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

  • Basketball Play - BOB Double Pindown
  • Basketball Play - BOB Double Pindown
  • The 2 comes off a back screen from the 5 cutting to the basket and the 5 pops out to catch the ball and hands it off to the one who is coming up the sideline.

  • The 2 never really stops moving but slows down for just a second to lull his defender to sleep and shoots off a double pindown from the 3 and 4 for three.