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About This Play/Drill

The play below is an example of a set that the Suns are running to get their third year center Alex Len an easy jump shot. Bledsoe brought the ball up the court and passed to TJ Warren and made a thru cut to the opposite wing. As Bledsoe cut thru the lane, Booker crossed paths with him on his way to set a screen for Len on the block, the ball is swung from Warren to Chriss and then to Bledsoe. As soon as Chriss made the pass he ran down to set a pin down screen to get Len open at the free throw line. The play was executed flawlessly and Len nailed the jumper.

  • Basketball Play - Phoenix Suns Motion
  • Basketball Play - Phoenix Suns Motion
  • The 1 brings the ball up the floor and hits the 2 who works his way up the wing. The 1 makes a thru cut to the opposite wing and crosses the 3 who is sprinting to the block to set a cross screen for the 5. The ball is swung from the 2 to the 4 and then back in the hands of the 1.

  • After the 4 swings the ball to the 1, he runs down to set a pin down for the 5. The 5 has the option to come off the 3 for a post up or the 4 for a jump shot. The 2 slides to the corner to take his defender out the action.


    **Side note, if the 5 has three point range the pin down screen should be set at the free throw line.**