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About This Play/Drill

The Pistons ran their offense through Greg Monroe early in their December 10th, 2012 game vs. the Philadelphia 76ers. This option included two dribble handoff options for Stuckey and Prince and occurred at the 4:38 mark of the 1st quarter.

The Pistons, Greg Monroe, is a versatile 6'11' lefty, who is currently averaging 15.3ppg and 9.1 rpg.

  • Basketball Play - Pistons Dribble Handoff Set

Frame 1 - Pistons get into early offense after a defensive stop

Stuckey enters to Singler, then cuts to opposite corner. On his way to the corner, he rubs Monroe's defender to free Monroe.

Frame 2 - Singler reverses to Maxiell, who trailed the play.

Maxiell reverses to Prince on the wing.

Stuckey continues his cut to the right corner.

Monroe flashes to the ball.

Frame 3 - Singler and Maxiell exchange on the weak side.

Prince enters to Monroe

Frame 4 - Prince sets a down screen for Stuckey.

Stuckey comes off for the first dribble handoff option.

Maxiell sets a flare screen for Singler to keep help side occupied.

Frame 5 - Stuckey, who did not receive the handoff from Monroe, continues to space on the weak side.

Monroe dribbles at Prince, who receives the handoff and shoots a 3pt shot.