8-6-4 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Competitive transition defensive drill that ramps up the intensity in practice. Team accountability is embedded in each portion of the drill, as well as fundamentals of transition defense. This is also a terrific conditioner.

  • Basketball Play - 8-6-4
  • Basketball Play - 8-6-4
  • Basketball Play - 8-6-4
  • Basketball Play - 8-6-4
  • Initial Alignment - defensive team is on the baseline, offensive team is 4 out.


  • Set clock for 8 seconds. Utilize shot clock here if you have one.


    On the whistle, the defensive team must sprint to the opposite baseline, touch, and come back in transition defense.


    After whistle, coach passes the ball to any offensive player. Up to the defense to locate the ball on the way back.


    Note: Each team plays transition D differently - emphasize the points for your team. WTWGBB - first back takes the hoop, second back takes the ball., Point and talk the whole way.


    The offensive team may attack as soon as they hear the buzzer.

  • If defensive team gets a stop, they go to 6. If they get scored on, they stay at 8.


    Defensive team has 6 seconds to touch opposite free throw line and come back in transition defense. Offensive team may attack at the buzzer.


    Rotate in new offensive team each time to keep everyone involved.

  • If the defensive team gets a stop at 6 seconds, go to 4 seconds. If they don't get a stop, they go back to 6.


    Note: We have an accountability for staying at 8 for three possessions in a row - keeps the drill moving. Kids are sent with an assistant coach for a non-running accountability, such as pushups, planks, or wall sits. They will still finish the drill.


    4 seconds - the defensive team runs to half court and back. Offensive team may attack at the buzzer.