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Published 03/20/2016 by Brandon Mullis Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Stephen F. Austin ran this BLOB set with 12:03 left in the 2nd Half against Notre Dame in the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tournament on 3/20/16.  This set is designed to set a flare screen to get an open 3 point shot opportunity.  For SFA, they executed it perfectly, but unfortunately missed the wide open shot.

  • Basketball Play - Stephen F. Austin "4 Low Flare"
  • Basketball Play - Stephen F. Austin "4 Low Flare"
  • 2 backs straight up the lane line to receive the inbounds pass from 3 near the 3 point line. 5 then flashes up to receive the reversal pass from 2.

  • As 2 passes across to 5, 1 begins to come up and set up the flare screen for 2. 3 fakes to the left corner, then clears out to the right corner while 4 lifts up to the wing. 5 pass fakes at 4, then makes the pass to 2.


    1st Option: 5 passes to 2 for the shot, coming off the flare screen from 1.