Cone Drill #12 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a drill that we used when I was an assistant at Clarion University (PA) under HOF Head Coach, Gie Parsons.

It focuses on shooting outside then in, however, I prefer to shoot inside and out as a warm up.

Coaches can make this as difficult or easy as they want my stipulating how many makes from 3pt range and in the interior. Also a time element can be used so players can beat their best time and/or percentage.

  • Basketball Play - Cone Drill #12

Player starts behind 3pt line - Makes designated number of shots (i.e. 5 shots)

Then player moves to inside spot - Make designated number of shots (i.e. 5 shots)


A rebounder and a passer is preferred. Coaches can chart makes/misses and also keep track of time to keep this drill competitive.


Note can also do "Inside-Out Shooting" - Same concept except, players start close then go farther out -- In this diagram, it would be shooting at even numbers first, then odd numbers.