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Basketball Play - Triple


Rich Czeslawski 06/20/2012

On Triple, we want the ball pushed down the sideline as early as possible. In this frame, 1 pushes the ball down the right side to the two. We would ideally like 2 to catch (or dribble to) the free throw line extended. On 2's catch, the 5, 1, and 4 will quick screen across the lane for 3 who comes off the triple screen looking for the quick three point shot. 2 should pass to 3 if open. If x4 steps out to stop the pass from 2 to 3, we want the 3 to immediately backcut to the rim. As soon as 3 basket cuts, 4 will screen for 1 who will curl back for the three point shot. Depending on the game situation, we will take the layup or three point shot. Again, with simple cuts we are able to move quickly to a 1-4 high set or any other alignment necessary to begin our offensive possession if we are not able to get a good shot off our Triple Secondary play. See More

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Basketball Play - Carolina Flare

Carolina Flare

Rich Czeslawski 06/07/2012

Carolina Flare begins the same way as Carolina. 1 reverses to 4 who reverses to 3. 5 posts up above the ball side block. 2 sets up his backpick by moving to the weak block. 4 cuts off 2's backpick to the weak block. If he is open, 3 should "shoot" him the ball. If we need the three, 3 will not pass the ball. On 3's dribble to the top of the key, 5 will come up and set a flare screen for 2. 2 reads his defender and flares to the wing for the three point shot. 3 passes to 2 for the three point shot. 5 can slip to the basket for a layup if x5 helps on 2. Or 5 can screen away for the 4 to create our high - low motion action. See More

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Basketball Play - Charger


Rich Czeslawski 06/06/2012

Charger begins in a 1-4 high set. The 1 will enter to either 2 or 3. When the pass is made, the 1 will "UCLA" cut off the post at the elbow on his side, moving through to the block. 2/3 should pass to 1 for the layup if open. 3 cuts away to set his man up for reversal. 4 slides middle for a high cut and reversal from 2. 2 reverses the ball to 4, who has SEALED his defender with his foot to get open at the top of the key. 4 immediately reverses the ball to 3 who has made an "L" cut to get open at the opposite wing. On the reversal, 1 steps out to set a backpick for 2. 3 looks to 2 for a layup off the flex screen by 1. 3 should pass to 1 for the layup if open (unless the game situation determines that a three point basket is needed!). 4 and 5 position themselves to set a staggered double screen for the screener, 1. 3 looks to 1 for the open three point shot if open. 2 must widen to the corner if he has not received the pass. If x5 "shows" on the staggered double screen, 5 must be ready to "slip" immediately to the front of the rim for the layup. See More

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