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Basketball Play - Sooner Drill

Sooner Drill

Fabian McKenzie 12/05/2012

This is a drill we have used in our warmup. We use different variations within the drill. Players line up at half court. Each player has a ball Pass to coach, cut hard to rim and receive a pass from coach. Take a traditional layup. We also use a two foot power layup. Variation - we add a blocking pad to simulate contact at the rim Players get their own rebound and must make 2 changes of direction on way back to half court. (Between legs, crossover, behind back, etc) They go back to the same line where they started. In this variation we make a reverse layup underneath the basket In this variation we have the players receive a pass just before the 3 point line. They must jump stop, shot fake and attack the elbow for a one dribble pull up jump shot. We prefer the players use a crossover step when they attack the middle Variation 1 - Have the players pull up for a 3 point shot. Variation 2 - After the shot fake, we have the players crossover and dribble to opposite side of rim for a little running hook shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Around the World Layups

Around the World Layups

Fabian McKenzie 04/15/2013

We run this drill for 8 minutes All 1's have basketballs 2's stay at their passing spots 1's will continuously pass, sprint and make layups for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes we switch quickly and 2's take balls while 1's fill passing spots We go 2 minutes on right side and 2 minutes on left side In this variation we have more people with basketballs and we eliminate the middle pass. The players must throw a longer pass. We will go for 8 minutes but we will change the 2's throughout the drill instead of stopping the drill and changing everyone at the same time We go 4 minutes on right side and 4 minutes on left side See More

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Basketball Play - Lithuania


Fabian McKenzie 04/16/2013

This set was run at the end of the break. 4 is in low blocks. 3 is wide on weakside 2 runs a rub cut off the 5 man looking for ball from 1 1 enters ball to 5 at high post After 1 hits 5, there is some misdirection 4 begins to screen for 2. 1 steps in to set the top of the staggered double screen for 2. 1 does not actually set the screen. They slip to the rim looking for the ball and get ready to screen again 5 executes a dribble handoff with 2 As the handoff is occurring, 1 and 4 are setting staggered screen for 3. After handing off to 2, 5 sets the 3rd screen in the staggered screen for 3 On the handoff, 2 tries to turn the corner to the rim or looks back to 3 coming off the triple screen. After screening, 1 pops to wing. 4 and 5 are looking for slip opportunities if the defense cheats on the staggered screen See More

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Basketball Play - Belarus 1-4 Post Curl

Belarus 1-4 Post Curl

Fabian McKenzie 04/23/2013

Play begins in a 1-4 High Set 1 enters to wing and runs rub cut off of 4 4 sets a cross screen for 5 as 2 dribbles towards top of floor 2 skips ball to 3 as 1 sets second screen for 5 5 curls around screens by 4 and 1 3 looks for 5 inside or to 1 coming off of downscreen by 4 If 3 hits 1, 2 sprints to corner and 4 sets ball screen See More

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Basketball Play - SPAIN SIDE OB


Fabian McKenzie 05/12/2013

2 has ball on sideline 5 pins down for 1. As 1 is cutting, 4 sets a rub screen for 3 to go to rim for possible lob. 4 cuts hard to block for quick post up 2's primary target is 1 5 pops out to top of floor to receive pass from 1 As soon as 2 enters ball to 1, they speed cut as if they are coming off double screen on the baseline 1 sprints to receive dribble handoff from 5. As this is happening, 3 clears to corner and 2 uses misdirection and comes back off of staggered double by 4 and 5. 1 brings ball back to 2's side for jumper or 2 player game with 5 in the post See More

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Basketball Play - Randolph Drill

Randolph Drill

Fabian McKenzie 08/27/2014

This is a tremendous early season conditioning drill. It is a very tough drill to do when you stress that the players get to the corners and take no shortcuts. We will do this for 1 minute on each side building up to 3-4 minutes a side. You can choose the dribble moves they use and also what type of finish you would like at the rim. Lastly, once they know the drill, when you want to run sprints, suicides, lines, etc. think of running this instead. Lots of handling, passing and finishing. See More

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