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Basketball Play - Flex Up

Flex Up

Randy Brown 01/25/2014

Using a basic flex action, you can create a quick scoring opportunity. 3 flex cuts as ball is reversed. On 2-4 pass 3 sets up screen for 5. 5 cuts to the basket to score. On ball reversal, the regular flex action continues. See More

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Basketball Play - Laker High

Laker High

Randy Brown 01/24/2014

Two high on ball screens set up this play. As 1 drives over top 4 dives to the rim for quick pass. 1 passes to 2 and sets up screen for 5 cutting to the paint. 4 fills high post for shot or dump down pass to 5 posting in paint. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky Wildcats Transition

Kentucky Wildcats Transition

Dana Beszczynski 01/24/2014

John Calipari has proven too be a master at running sets for his players to get the best shots in the best positions on the floor. This easy to run Transition Set utilizes the elbow screen to free up the trailing post for an open ball side cut and possible quick pass. When the quick pass isn't there, on ball reversal, the Wildcats revert back to their DDM Offense with the 3 Side Middle Penetration looking to Rack It! See More

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Basketball Play - Texas Secondary

Texas Secondary

Dana Beszczynski 01/23/2014

This Texas Seconary Action was run by the Longhorns against Kansas State. There is a lot of ball screening action in this set, plus the use of the stagger early on gives the offense a chance for an early shot. Rick Barnes has done a masterful job rebuilding the Longhorns offense this year and this set shows the number of options which can ben executed in a Secondary Offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Hand Off Double

Hand Off Double

Randy Brown 01/22/2014

This is a two option play. Starts in 1-4 high set and ball is entered to 4. 1 follows pass to receive hand off and drive to right wing. 4 dives to right post area to seal and catch from 1. Second option is 2 coming off a 3-5 double screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Princeton Bounce

Princeton Bounce

Randy Brown 01/19/2014

Classic back door action from the Princeton offense. Double stack set and wing pass entry. 1 clears to opposite corner and 2 fills high. 3 dribbles hard at the right elbow as 4 walks his defender to the corner. 3 picks up the ball and forward pivots away from defender. This is cue for 4 to cut back door to receive pass from 3 for a lay up. See More

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Basketball Play - Thad Boyle Elbow Stagger / Mid Ball Screen

Thad Boyle Elbow Stagger / Mid Ball Screen

Dana Beszczynski 01/12/2014

This is a nice play run by Thad Boyle and the Buffs of Colorado The Buffs have a very talented PG in Spencer Dinwiddie who with his size and athletic ability can really breakdown a defense The use of the UCLA screen to set-up the double stagger is well executed and what makes this play well designed is the end when no shot is available, as it runs right into a SPNR with an open floor for Dinwiddie to breakdown the defense or read and make the kick-out pass See More

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Basketball Play - Baseline Cross

Baseline Cross

Randy Brown 01/12/2014

This play ends up with a small-big cross screen. 1 dribbles to the wing pushing 2 to the corner. Ball reversed to 3 as 2 runs baseline. 3 can pass to 2 in left corner for shot. 1 screens down for 4 then cross screens for 5. On 4's catch 5 uses screen to get open in paint. See More

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Basketball Play - Illini Lob Play

Illini Lob Play

Dana Beszczynski 01/11/2014

This play run by the Illini in their game against Indiana caught the defense completely off guard as even Dan Dakich from ESPN predicted they should throw the ball inside to Egwu The Illini use a great ball reversal off a pin down screen to get a solid backscreen set on x3 taking him out of the play as Bertrand cuts to the ring and makes a spectacular reverse dunk on x1 Ferrell who was late in help and caught between his man and the cutting Bertrand See More

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Basketball Play - Illini Box Stagger

Illini Box Stagger

Dana Beszczynski 01/10/2014

This is a Box Set run by the Illini last night in their game against Indiana. A good set that incorporates the use of the ball screen to set-up a weak side double stagger freeing up their talented shooter Rice. The play doesn't end with the shot as the ball is reversed and what looks like a SPNR action turns into an open side penetration. Groce does a great job utilizing the box in their offensive system and this is a play with multiple scoring possibilities See More

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Basketball Play - Hoosiers Secondary

Hoosiers Secondary

Dana Beszczynski 01/08/2014

This is a nice action run by the Indiana Hoosiers from their overtime thriller against the Fighting Illni on New Years Eve This play has a litlte bit of everything in it from a hard elbow cut for a possible quick hit lay-up to a diagonal back screen looking to spring the post for a wing entry pass The play ends with a good drag screen action leaving open space for the PG to either drive the lane or read the defense and pick his best option A well designed play by Tom Crean for his young Hoosiers led by outstanding PG Yogi Ferrell who has taken his game to the next level this year!! See More

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