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Basketball Play - Baseline 3

Baseline 3

Trent Miller 07/09/2013

Today's FastDraw Play of the Day is a Half-Court Box Set ran by the Illinois Fighting Illini during the 2012-13 season. Use this set to get an open 3 when your opponent is really exaggerating their weak side help. This set will result in an open 3pt shot. See More

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Basketball Play - "Split Post"

"Split Post"

Kyle Gilreath 07/08/2013

The Orlando Magic ran this action on versus the Boston Celtics during the 2013 Orlando Summer League. This is just another option out of the elbow set that I discussed several weeks ago! With the defense in helpside position (especially in high school in college where defensive 3 seconds is not a rule), this is a great action if you have bigger guards to duck and seal hard in the middle of the lane for a quick turn and finish. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Chest Triple

Spurs Chest Triple

Daniel Murphy 06/26/2013

The Spurs ran this set at the 7:23 mark of Q4 in their game 5 win over the Heat. This play starts off similarly to Tom Izzo's "Chest" play. Duncan cuts to the top of the key to give a 2-3 look at the start of the play. MSU will have the wings down screen the guards. Here the Spurs had Green set the first of 3 screens for Parker. When Parker catches the ball on the curl, Duncan turns to set a ball screen but Parker catches and drives for the floater. See More

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Basketball Play - Heat 14 Step Up

Heat 14 Step Up

Daniel Murphy 06/25/2013

The Heat ran this at 8:52 Q3 in their game 5 loss to the Spurs. It's a relatively simple play that involves a dribble hand off and step up screen. Having James roll into the lane pulls the defense in and leaves Wade open for a mid range jump shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Heat Horns Twist Low

Miami Heat Horns Twist Low

Kyle Gilreath 06/10/2013

The Miami Heat ran this play midway through the 1st quarter of Game 2 of the 2013 NBA Finals verus the San Antonio Spurs. Setting two different angled screens is very effective, especially when the opponent is flat hedging the screens. Further more, setting the screens lower and lower also makes it more difficult to guard because make the rotations off of shooters to help much longer. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Twist

Horns Twist

Kyle Gilreath 06/07/2013

During Game 1 of the 2013 NBA Finals, the Miami Heat ran this play versus the San Antonio Spurs after a timeout in the 2nd quarter. Placing 3 capable scorers (Wade, Cole, Battier) into a screen the screener pick & roll action is very hard to guard because the defense did not want to over-help and give up an easy look. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Triple

Spurs Triple

Daniel Murphy 06/01/2013

The Spurs ran this at the 7:15 mark in the first quarter of their 104-93 game 3 win over Memphis. This is one of my favorite sets the Spurs run and it is very difficult to guard because the defender has to run off three screens and there are a variety of counters to each defensive adjustment. Often the 2 man comes offf 5's zipper screen but in this situation, 2 just cut to the top and 5 set the first of three screens. This play demonstrates just one option and read of many possibilities. The ending to this play was great because Memphis trapped the ball screen, Paker hit the pop man Duncan and then Duncan hit Paker on the backdoor cut. The unselfish ball movement by the Spurs is a great part of their offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Down

Zipper Down

Kyle Gilreath 05/31/2013

On Wednesday I posted a zipper action the Pacers have been running all year long and throughout the Playoffs. Last night in Game 5 of the ECF versus the Miami Heat, the added this wrinkle to put George Hill into a side pick & roll. See More

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