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Basketball Play - Stack Split

Stack Split

Evan Orzolek 07/24/2017

BLOB run by Iberostar in the Liga ACB. Hard action to guard with multiple screens occuring in simulataneous actions. 2 should usually always be open in the corner at the end and if x5 hedges on the flare screen to the opposite corner, have the 5 slip to the basket for a layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Box Warriors

Box Warriors

Rory Hamilton 07/21/2017

The play looks to take advantage of a switch using a backscreen on a guard and then rolling big immediately to the basket. Initial Set-up: Box Alignment with post players on the blocks and guards at the elbows. Play can be initiated on either side with a pass to the wing. Guards should catch as close to FT extended as possible. The point guard fills to ball side corner and the weakside guard fills to slot area. The ball side post sprints to catch the ball at the strong side elbow. Once the post player has caught the ball she immediately turns to the inside while the weak side post comes up and sets a back screen for the slot guard. The guard cuts off the screen demanding and forcing the switch. The post player screens and seals guard and immediately rolls back to the ball and receives a pass for layup. The ball side guards interchange or screen to occupy the defense. You can also run the same action off of a flare screen. This would be a good option if you have a great shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

Randy Sherman 04/18/2017

"The Three Amigos" The three players outside the ball screen have the options of: Cutting - maybe simply and interchange to move defenders Screening - down or flare screen to move defenders and give an advantage to an off-ball player Spacing - simply remained spaced and read the help Credit to John Groce, Akron University for the Three Amigos Concept See More

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Basketball Play - Minnesota Lynx - ATO "UCLA Wiper"

Minnesota Lynx - ATO "UCLA Wiper"

Ryan Nguyen 10/21/2016

With 35.8 seconds left in the 4th Quarter in Game 5 of the 2016 WNBA Finals, the Minnesota Lynx ran this ATO action. As 5 sets the flare screen for 2 this forces X5 to drop back in a help/support position to prevent the basket cut. As this is happening, 5 turns and sets a second screen for 3. Since X5 is in a help position this eliminiates any help from X5 stepping out to show on the screen and leads to an open 3-point shot for Maya Moore (3). See More

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Basketball Play - Lithuania - Cross Pindown STS

Lithuania - Cross Pindown STS

Matt Wheeler 08/08/2016

Lithuania ran this play in their preliminary round game against Brazil. This play provides multiple scoring options for them in a half court set depending on what the defense gives them. Lithuania has opportunities to get the ball inside to a post player (5) on a cross screen, to the point guard (1) on a flare screen, to a perimeter player (3) for a 3 on a down screen, or to a secondary post player (4) slipping the screen to the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Slice


Cody Toppert 09/18/2015

If the 1 goes DHO with the 2 Slice Action can take place. That means the 4 will pop out (or set a flare screen to move up top and then pop out). The 2 will immediately reverse the ball to the 4 who will complete the full reversal but hitting the 3 on the wing. The 2 will then “Slice” cut to the strong side block off the screen from the 5. After the cut, the 5 and 4 set a double staggered for the 1 who receives the pass from the 3 at the top of the key. After screening 1, the 4 and 5 complete the wheel action and screen the 2 who peels back off the second double staggered. The 1 then looks to hit the 2 for the shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle and 2 Quick Hitter  "Under

Triangle and 2 Quick Hitter "Under

Rory Hamilton 08/02/2015

"Under" looks to give you several different scoring options out of one play against a triange and 2 defense. The initial alignment is a 1-4 high with one of your guarded players at the point and the other at either the left or right-wing. The play starts with a pass to the high post player on the same sided as the other player being guarded man to man. The post catches and faces while strong side elbow and wing player set a double flare screen for the point guard for a potential quick shot. If the shot is not there the 3 player flashes to the block for potential low post pass if bottom triangle defender comes out. The 5 player then sprints to the wing for a PNR while the 2 and 4 player set a weak side double screen for the 3 man. The point guard comes off the PNR and looks to score, hit the post rolling or 3 player along the baseline. Once the 3 player catches along the baseline, the 4 man slides to mid post and the 2 man continues cut and sets a screen on the bottom defender bringing the 5 man right "under" the basket for a score. See More

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Basketball Play - Georgetown 4 Around 1

Georgetown 4 Around 1

Andrew Greer 03/20/2015

Georgetown ran this 4 around 1 set throughout their Round 2 matchup with Eastern Washington. The Hoyas used several different variations of the set utilizing the similar setup but unpredictable result. The action pictured is the base set. Dribble handoffs, double screens, flare screens, and back screens were all used out of this based set. Georgetown uses a 4 out 1 in look almost every possession and can run this set with interchangeable perimeter players. See More

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