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Basketball Play - Elbow Quick

Elbow Quick

Kyle Gilreath 09/18/2013

During the 2009 NBA Finals, the LA Lakers run this quick elbow action versus the Orlando Magic for a quick score from Kobe Bryant. If the defense looks to over help on this action look to throwback to 5 (Gasol) rolling or throwback to 1 (Fisher) at the top of the key. See More

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Basketball Play - Flash Gap

Flash Gap

Dana Beszczynski 09/03/2013

The Michigan Wolverines used this set against the Louisville Cardinals in the NCAA Championship game. The set incorporates a lot of cuts and rub screens to free players for possible shots. What makes this so efffective is the "reads" the Wolverines make in order to get the shots they want against the match-up zone of the Cardinals. See More

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Basketball Play - Center Trip HO

Center Trip HO

Adam Spinella 08/03/2013

Center Trip DHO is a play used by Mike Woodson and the New York Knicks to get either Raymond Felton attacking the rim or Tyson Chandler open on a lob. The Knicks use the extra attention given by defenses to Carmelo Anthony as a decoy, and the valuable shooting skills of J.R. Smith and Steve Novak as an opportunity to space the floor on one side of the court. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA


Dana Beszczynski 08/02/2013

High Elbow Flash Action In this play Cameron Dollar hits Ed O'Bannon flashing to the ballside elbow to initiate the offense High Elbow Flash Action Toby Bailey cut backdoor staying wide looking for the pass from E. O'Bannon As Bailey is cutting to the basket: Cameron Dollar who took over for the injured Tyus Edney makes a direct cut to the basket and receives the pass from E. O'Bannon for his shot attempt The 5 man Georg Zidek did a good job stepping out giving space for the cut UCLA Curl Cut Action In this set, Toby Bailey ran the PG position Cameron Dollar (1) gets a backscreen from E. O'Bannon looking for a quick hit backdoor Charles O'Bannon (3) and Georg Zidek (5) exchange positions setting up the next action in this set UCLA Curl Cut Action Cameron Dollar (1) then sets a backscreen for E. O'Bannon who was wide open under the basket On the opposite side: Georg Zidek (5) set a downscreen for C. O'Bannon (3) who curled the cut as his defender was trailing Bailey chose to hit C. O'Bannon here, but this is a real good set to catch the defense in a "switching" situation See More

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Basketball Play - LA Lakers Horns Set

LA Lakers Horns Set

Brandon Huntley 07/29/2013

This set was ran by the LA Lakers Summer League Team. There are a lot of different options from this play and it is really important for your point guard to make the right decision. I really like how this play opens up the floor on the ball side, but keeps the defenders busy on the weak side. The 1st option is a dibble handoff between the 5 and 3 The 2nd option is a kickout to the 1 and then a Pick & Roll with the 5 to open up three different looks See More

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Basketball Play - Block Curls

Block Curls

Adam Spinella 07/27/2013

Jerry Sloan used to use this play in a BLOB situation to free up his shooters and create confusion amongst the defense. Because of the odd formation and amount of bodies in the paint as a result, Utah would get a free look from the periemter or catch a defender out of position in the paint trying to compensate for their team's poor defensive strategy. See More

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Basketball Play - Wing ISO Post Curl

Wing ISO Post Curl

Adam Spinella 07/20/2013

This was a play I saw the Pacers run against the Miami Heat in Game Three of the Eastern Conference Finals. It got Roy Hibbert a wide open shot near the rim, but before that action took place, Paul George started to back down his man in the post on an empty side, indicating an isolation option for George. Coach Frank Vogel drew up a great play here to get his two best offensive players good looks in the same action. See More

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Basketball Play - Utah Handoff Curl-Slip

Utah Handoff Curl-Slip

Adam Spinella 07/19/2013

This Sideline out of Bounds play was run by the Utah Jazz under the leadership of Jerry Sloan. Sloan used a handoff/ downscreen curl simultaneously to get the ball into a cutting big man, who would usually get to the free throw line as a result of this play. There are many options for a layup or a shot in a very brief amount of action; all around one of the better side-out plays I've seen. See More

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Basketball Play - Fence Curl Pop

Fence Curl Pop

Adam Spinella 07/18/2013

Fence Curl Pop comes from Rick Adelman, which he has run both in Sacramento and with the Minnesota Wolves. Adelman usually calls this play out of timeouts when he sees something in the way the defense is playing screening actions. The play is designed to get a layup for a shooting guard or an open elbow jumper for a power forward. When Kevin Love runs this play for the Wolves he steps out to the three point line, making this an extremely difficult play to defend. See More

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Basketball Play - Blind Hit

Blind Hit

Adam Spinella 07/18/2013

Blind Hit is a very quick backdoor option run by current UTEP and former USC Men's Basketball Coach Tim Floyd. Whether a defense is over-pressuring or caught napping, this is an effective backdoor option to get your guard a layup or dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - Heat Elbow Rip

Heat Elbow Rip

Daniel Murphy 06/29/2013

Heat ran this at 7:45 of Q3 in game 7. When Chalmers clears to the corner he first runs at Bosh faking the screen. As this is happening Miller is sprinting into the back screen. The Spurs switched the pick and pop. Parker was guarding Miller and on the switch Parker guarded Wade and Manu guarded Miller. When Miller set the ball screen it was in the middle, but so low the screen was at the nail of the FT line. See More

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