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Basketball Play - 2v1 Help Side and Box Out

2v1 Help Side and Box Out

Dymetrius Ware 08/13/2019

This is an awesome drill for stations during practice. Players are working on coming off a guarded player and getting to help position and stopping the ball. If the offense gets a shot off, defense must get back and box out the offensive player coming from the weak side (original matchup). See full instructions below. See More

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Basketball Play - SSG: 3v3 One More Drill

SSG: 3v3 One More Drill

Tony Miller 06/05/2019

"One more pass" turns into a live 3v3 small sided game. Check out the video clip below for a more detailed explanation. Download it to FastDraw via the button above. And check out this blog post >>> BUILDING YOUR PLAYBOOK: Add Sets With Consecutive Actions Also below: Free Download: Toronto Raptors Playbook Episode of A Quick Timeout podcast discussing Nick Nurse's coaching journey and the characteristics of a successful coach. See More

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Basketball Play - 3v3 Cut Throat Rebounding

3v3 Cut Throat Rebounding

Michael Lynch 04/11/2019

This is a 3v3 Rebounding drill that can be used for both sides of the basketball. Split your team into groups of three or four. The rotation for the drill is to enter on defense, then move to offense, and finally (if unsuccessful) out of the drill. If your team secures an offensive rebound they get to stay on offense and continue to earn points. If your team gives up an offensive rebound then your team exits the drill and a new team comes on. The Scoring System: 1 Point for a Defensive Rebound, 3 Points for an Offensive Rebound, and 2 or 3 points if you can score it off the Offensive Rebound. Each new possession must start with one of the two scenarios depicted below. Coaches then set the number or time they want to play until. The team with the highest score wins, the other teams get conditioning. Blog Posts: Crash the Glass: Making a Case for Offensive Rebounding Developing a Rebounding System See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Cavaliers - Single Tag PNR  Defense

Virginia Cavaliers - Single Tag PNR Defense

Matt Wheeler 04/04/2019

By having their post players hard hedge the ball screens, Virginia needs to provide help when the screener rolls to the basket. X5’s first job in this situation is to redirect the ball to half court and not allow 1 to turn the corner and get in the lane. If he is too concerned about his matchup with 5 he won’t be able to provide great help on the ball screen. This is where x3 comes into play to provide help until x5 gets back to his match up . X3 has a tough job to do. He has to tag 5 and take away the pass for him rolling to the basket. He then has to change direction and close out on his man to contest the shot and take away any penetration. This is a very difficult action to guard but by being aggressive and providing early help Virginia is able to cover for each other and take away high percentage shots at the rim and open shots behind the arc. Final Four Team Breakdown: Virginia's Elite Efficiency on Both Sides of the Ball See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Cavaliers - Pack Line Defense Concepts

Virginia Cavaliers - Pack Line Defense Concepts

Matt Barnthouse 04/02/2019

Information taken from YouTube video by Coachbase. This is the famous "Pack Line Defense" that Virginia uses to suffocate their opponents. The concepts are pretty simple: Never let the offense inside of the "post box," and never allow dribble penetration. Basically, if a team is to beat a well-disciplined Pack Line Defense, they're going to have to do it from the perimeter. The basic concept is that the ball handler faces pressure from his man, and everybody else is in "help," preventing dribble penetration. The exception to this is when a player is cutting off ball in the post area. Then the defender "attaches" to the cutter (once again trying to prevent post opportunities), only to release when the player goes back out to perimeter. Things to note: - Virginia in particular hard hedges and switches on every ball screen. This only works if you have defenders that can guard multiple positions, otherwise the offense has a mismatch to attack! - This offense is designed to allow the three-point shot, so a terrific three-point shooting team could beat this style of defense. Closeouts are SO IMPORTANT to make this defense work, otherwise perimeter-focused teams will drain shots all day. - NEVER LET THE BALL ENTER THE LOW POST. If it does, you double team immediately, and force a pass back to perimeter. - Once again, because this defense involves very aggressive help, it also involves a lot of closeouts. Having personnel with great length and foot speed is advantageous for this kind of defense. - An undisciplined version of this defense that gives up possessions in the "post box" is susceptible to giving up easy buckets. - It is important to "move on flight" of the ball when in help. If you wait until ball is in hands of offensive player, it is too late. Once again, anticipate and CLOSE. OUT. Click here for more Pack Line content on the FMS blog! See More

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Basketball Play - Rebounding Drill: Closeout Rebounding

Rebounding Drill: Closeout Rebounding

Tony Miller 02/15/2019

Our biggest offer of the year for new subscribers! Code: MARCHMADNESS February Blog Digest is out! Find out where rebounds ACTUALLY land... ...And drills to ensure your players grab more of them! Plus: Forming opinions as coaches Turning actions into habits ATO of the Week: Iverson Backdoor Free Playbook: 50 Quick Hitters More! Click to read! See More

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