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Basketball Play - 1v1 Wolf

1v1 Wolf

Randy Sherman 05/12/2017

Defending the 1v0 "Wolf" - Chase the dribbler from behind Sprint back. "You are never too late on defense." Attempt to block the shot low with the near hand Rebound - do not go past the backboard! Catching the dribbler from behind to block or change a shot is momentum changing play! See More

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Basketball Play - Illini Fastbreak Game

Illini Fastbreak Game

Joel Hueser 10/04/2016

Illini Break is a competitive, team transition drill. The offense has the advantage and gets to play fast. Forcing the defense to get back with a high sense of urgency. We want to always fastbreak on defense. But first, we must emphasize our offensive board coverage (OBC). Then, if we do not secure the offensive rebound, all five players must get into the habit of always sprinting back. We consider your first three steps “out of the gate” as the most important. Guarding the basket is our number one priority and then stopping the ball. Once back, all five defenders need to establish ball side and help side position. This drill demands that, and more. Get ahead of the ball! No back pedaling, buddy running (remaining side by side with your match-up) and/or pouting after a missed shot or turnover. See More

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Basketball Play - Creighton 100

Creighton 100

Joel Hueser 09/27/2016

Creighton 100 is a great team shooting drill that also doubles as a fun, challenging conditioner. 100 made baskets in five minutes is the minimum. Obviously, the more skilled your team is the higher the goal should be. More times than not our goal is 120 mfg's for our varsity team. Teams will discover the importance of precision passing, fundamental layup skills and positive energy. We really like to finish with this competition the day before a game. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 ON 3 SERIES PART TWO


Marc Skelton 07/16/2016

The premise of this drill is to mimic quick action in early offense. This will improve your screening, how your guys/girls catch and shoot and read the defense. On the flip side your defense will be able to not let cutters cut without being bumped and improve communication. We play a game to seven. There are three options to this drill outlined below. Drill #1 is a UCLA cut. Drill #2 works on the Ghost Screen and drill #3 has a backdoor option. See More

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Basketball Play - 10 at 5

10 at 5

Aseem Rastogi 07/10/2016

Competitive, high energy shooting drill that works on the 1 dribble pullup. Has multiple variations, including competing against the clock, 2 or more in a row at each spot, etc. Great to use during Improvement Season workouts or as a change of pace in practice. See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa State Transition

Iowa State Transition

FastModel Sports 06/17/2016

"This comes from Coach Fred Hoiberg from his time at Iowa State. The drills teaches the guys to run the floor, communicate and pass ahead and the importance of transition points all within a competitive environment. The guys are working together to achieve a team goal, with a consequence if they do not achieve their goal." Coach Brett Campbell St. Charles Spartans Boys Basketball See More

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Basketball Play - 3 on 3 Get Back

3 on 3 Get Back

FastModel Sports 06/17/2016

"This drill comes from Coach Jim Boone, the Head Coach at Delta State and is called the 3 on 3 Get Back Drill. We have some teams in our conference that do a fantastic job of pushing the ball up the floor, even after made baskets. This drill teaches our guys to do this- we call it “fast break makes”. It also teaches the importance of transition defense and stopping the basketball. We keep score and go live for a set amount of time with a consequence for the team that doesn’t win." Coach Brett Campbell St. Charles Spartans Boys Basketball See More

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