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Basketball Play - Extra Pass Shooting

Extra Pass Shooting

Zachary Weir 02/28/2019

Extra Pass Shooting is a drill that we use to develop chemistry within our team and really encourage that extra pass and better shot. Consists of shooting, passing, ball handling and rebounding - as well as progressions of decision making and reads. Setup: - 6 minute drill (3 min left, 3 min right) - 1 min per spot - Goal is 10- 12 per minute - Ball doesn't touch the floor anymore than necessary - Passer calls shooters name and the action - 2nd passer will call for ball, and shooter will call EXTRA Playbook: Top 20 Shooting Drills of 2018 See More

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Basketball Play - Maverick Shooting

Maverick Shooting

Jordan Petersen 07/27/2018

Drill to work on multiple game like shots from spots players will take them in games. Players will work on shooting 3's, pull-ups and side steps. Note: Dotted line represents a shot in these diagrams. On the FMS Blog: Ball Handling Skills and Drills Dynamic Drills That Utilize Cones Scoring Made Simple: 3 Shots to Practice Click for more #PlayerDevelopment content! See More

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Basketball Play - Notre Dame Motion II

Notre Dame Motion II

Dana Beszczynski 01/31/2015

Mike Brey's Motion's Offense has multiple options depending on the cut and what's available with the read. Here against Duke, Notre Dame came down and ran a 2nd option whereby they incorporate the cross court pass into a sprint ball screen action with their 5 man Auguste - 30. Grant - 22 is so good at getting in the lane with his quickness and ball handling ability that the defense on Connaughton - 24 is forced to help opening up the lane for a baseline cut and lay-up. Mike Brey has really perfected the Irish's Motion set in the last years and his team is adept at executing it to perfection. See More

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Basketball Play - Lady Blue Devils Isolation Drive 5

Lady Blue Devils Isolation Drive 5

Dana Beszczynski 01/07/2014

This play run by the Duke Lady Blue Devils has a little bit of everything The end of this play is designed to get Williams the ball in spot where she can use her speed and ball handling skills to penetrate on the open side The set incoroporates the use of the ball screen, down screen, back screen in the lane, and the spacing is good setting up multiple options to score See More

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