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Basketball Play - Ohio State Buckeyes - Power Flare BLOB

Ohio State Buckeyes - Power Flare BLOB

Tony Miller 12/04/2022

Watch the video below as Coach Tony Miller uses FastDraw, the #1 play diagramming program for basketball coaches, to share this set from the the Ohio State Buckeyes. Coach Chris Holtmann sets up multiple scoring options with this look: post up, 3pt shot or triple gap drive. Send to FastDraw using the button above. Get FastDraw (new subscribers use code: SAVE10) Follow Coach Miller on Twitter View Coach Miller's Playbank page for more plays & drills More FastDraw content from Coach Miller: SSGs for Player Development & Team Offense SSGs for Ball Screen Offense Brad Stevens Playbook Check out the latest coaching content from FMS See More

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Basketball Play - Coolidge HS - Dribble Drive Action

Coolidge HS - Dribble Drive Action

Jeff Luera 11/27/2022

This a great set for dribble drive offense that provides a different angle to just attacking off the bounce. 1. The point guard passes to the 5. 2. All at the same time, the 2 goes through to the opposite side off a screen from the 4, and the point guard replaces the 2 on the wing. 3. The 5 performs a dribble handoff to the 3 and then turns the corner to attack or kick out to the point guard. 4. The point guard on the strong side wing then has the whole floor to attack with options of either finishing, kicking out to a shooter, or dumping it off to a big. Check out the video clip below! See More

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