1-4 Low Flash Flex - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This NHSBCA Playbook quick hitter was added by Winning Hoops and Coach Dale Herl at Jetmore HS (KS). Use it to occupy the defense and set up a high-low post feed.

  • Basketball Play - 1-4 Low Flash Flex
  • Basketball Play - 1-4 Low Flash Flex
  • 1 comes across half court and declares a direction with the dribble. The opposite post player (4) flashes to the middle of the lane at the free-throw line while 2 flex cuts off a screen from 5. 5 shouldn’t have to move at all for this screen.

  • The pass from 4 to 2 is the first option. After setting the screen for 2, 5 steps into the lane and looks for a pass from 4.