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About This Play/Drill

The Creighton Bluejays run a variety of sets designed to get Doug McDermott open looks at the basket.  McDermott returned to school this year instead of turning pro to help the Bluejays transition into their new conference, the Big East. 

Creighton Head Coach Greg McDermott is in his 4th season at Creighton with a record of 84-30.  He came to the Bluejays after coaching at Iowa State.  At Creighton, he has taken them to two consecutive NCAA Tournaments and before that to the Finals of the CBI Tournament.

Doug McDermott was a 1st team All American in 2012, was Captain of the World University Games USA team this summer where he led the team in scoring, FG's, FT's, 3 pointers, FT %, and minutes played.  Last year he set the Creighton single season and career record for points, FG's & 3 pt percentage.  He is one of the top players in the NCAA.

The Bluejays are currently 5-1 on the season.

  • Basketball Play - Bluejays Box
  • Basketball Play - Bluejays Box
  • Creighton Blue Jays Box Set vs M2M


    1 (Chatman - 1 PG) dribble enters to the wing and hits 3 (Gibbs - 10 - SF) making the zipper cut off the downscreen from 4 (McDermott - 3 PF)


    2 (Manigat - 12 SG) cuts to the corner opposite the ball


    5 (Artino - 31 C) dives to the block

  • Creighton Bluejays Box Set vs M2M


    4 (McDermott - 3 PF) runs baseline off the screen from 5 (Artino - 31 C) and flares to the corner as x4 tries to cheat over the top of the screen


    3 (Gibbs - 10 SF) takes a dribble at the flare and makes a perfect pass for the wide open shot catching x4 cheating