Golden State Warriors "Post Decoy" - FastModel Sports

Published 07/05/2015 by Gibson Pyper Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Designed to create the sense that Golden State would post up a player off their normal flex screen, this is really a set fo get Steph Curry or Klay Thompson a shot. After the ball is entered into the post, the defense tends to relax, so when they relax Klay/Steph sprint off a quick screen from 5 for a shot.

  • Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors "Post Decoy"
  • Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors "Post Decoy"
  • 1 passes to 5 who reverses to 3.

    2 cuts off screen from 4 to the post.

    3 passes to 2.

  • 2 posts up, but fakes the attack.

    5 screens for 1 when the defense sags off for a shot.