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About This Play/Drill

Normally Curry brings the ball up the floor, but in this set the player they want to try and free up for a layup (often the 3 man such as Barnes or Iguadola) will bring the ball up. The player bringing the ball up will pass to trailing big man and receives a backscreen from Curry, looking to get a layup off the screen is the first option.  If the man is covered on the backscreen, Curry then receives a dribble hand off from the big who then rolls to the rim. The second option is great because Curry's man has to help or at least show to prevent a layup, allowing Curry to come off the dribble handoff typically unimpeded.

  • Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors "Rip DHO"
  • Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors "Rip DHO"
  • 1 (typically Steph Curry) sets a backscreen for 3 after he passes to 4. First option is to look for 3 on the layup.

  • If 3 is covered, Curry comes off a DHO from 4 and attacks. 4 rolls to the rim.