Cleveland Cavaliers "Rub" - FastModel Sports

Published 04/30/2015 by Gibson Pyper Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Cleveland Cavaliers have alot of set to get players like LeBron James & Kevin Love in the post, and David Blatt implemented another new one in the playoff series against Boston. Using Kevin Love as a post entry threat and floor spacer, 1 passes to 4 on the wing, cuts through to the elbow and sets a "Rub" screen for LeBron James at the top of the key. LeBron looks to post up, if the post up is not available or if Kyrie Irving (1)) has an advantage, he will pop to the top of the key and receive a ballscreen from 5. This flows nicely because 4 (Kevin Love) is already spacing the floor, it will be interesting to see if Blatt runs a counter or another option off this since Kevin Love will be out for the remainder of the playoffs.

  • Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers "Rub"
  • Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers "Rub"
  • 1 passes to 4 and sets a rub screen for 3 (LeBron James) to get a post up opportunity.

  • If 3 is covered, 1 pops and 5 sets a ballscreen for him. 3/4 space the floor.