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Published 04/30/2015 by Gibson Pyper Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Brad Stevens took an underrated and a Boston Celtic team that had mid season trades and were expecting to head for an early draft pick to the playoffs. He is one of the best basketball minds in the NBA, and he runs a nice set for Isaiah Thomas with multiple options off of it. It starts with a dribble handoff to the trailing big and the point guard cuts off backscreen from the opposite big man at the elbow. The first option is for the point guard to "V" cut back off at the elbow and look for a shot opportunity. If there is not shot available, 5 will step up and set a ballscreen, because of the dribble handoff 4 is already spacing the floor, so the Spread Pick & Roll doesn't need to be setup. The next option is for 1 to continue off backscreen and set a flex screen for the wing man and then receive a down screen from 4.

  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics "Indy Rip"
  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics "Indy Rip"
  • Basketball Play - Boston Celtics "Indy Rip"
  • 1 executes DHO with 4 and cuts off rip screen from 5.

  • First option is to cut back off down screen from 5 and look for shot/PNR Opportunity with 5.

  • Second option is for 1 to continue to set a flex screen and receive down screen from 4.