Milwaukee Bucks "EOG SLOB Backdoor" - FastModel Sports

Published 04/26/2015 by Gibson Pyper Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Jason Kidd drew up a beautiful backdoor set to beat the Bulls in game 4. Bayless said they attacked Rose on this because they knew he was more likely to help. Middleton cuts up like he is going for a lob, Bayless cuts to the corner and sets his man up for a backdoor cut and scores a layup.

  • Basketball Play - Milwaukee Bucks "EOG SLOB Backdoor"

3 (Middleton, typical late game option) cuts across 5 & 2, an action they usually try to get a lob out of. 1 (Bayless) cuts to the corner and goes backdoor. 4 passes to 1 for a layup.