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About This Play/Drill

To open the second half of Game 2 the Cavs ran a really nice Double Ballscreen on the wing. Kevin Love set a down screen for LeBron who then set a ballscreen for Kyrie, at the same time Love turns and sets a ballscreen as well. What I love about this set is when Kyrie clears both ballscreens, LeBron dives to the rim & Love pops to the wing creating chaos for the defense. They have to defend Kyrie attacking, LeBron on the roll or Love at the rim for a 3. The opposite big is forced to help and Mozgov is available in the slot weakside & JR Smith is spacing the floor on the weakside as well. One of my favorite sets Blatt has run this year.

  • Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers "Wing Double"
  • Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers "Wing Double"
  • 4 (Kevin Love) sets a down screen for 3 (LeBron James) and then turns and sets a double screen for 1 (Kyrie Irving) who attacks off it.

  • 3 dives to the rim and 4 pops to space the floor.