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Published 04/23/2015 by Gibson Pyper Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Late in Overtime of a thrilling Game 2, the Spurs ran a great backdoor play to get Kawhi a layup and essentially seal the victory. The Spurs run alot of Zipper action and this was setup by Kawhi baiting his man on the high side trying to prevent the pass up top, allowing him to cut backdoor. Notice on the weakside Duncan sets a weakside screen for Green (their common "Hammer" action) keeping the defense occupied and allowing for a shot if the defense overhelps.

  • Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs "Zipper Backdoor"
  • Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs "Zipper Backdoor"
  • 3 walks his man up the lane like he typically does on the Zipper cut, 4 pops to the wing, 1 passes to 4.

  • 3 sets his man up and cuts backdoor for a layup. 5 sets flare screen for 2 to keep weakside occupied/give hammer option if D helps.