BLOB Slip HI LO - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Purdue runs a nice BLOB vs 2-3 zone. The initial action is not what gets a layup, its the combination of all 5 players moving at the same time. The keys to this set is 3 slipping into the middle of the zone after inbounding the ball and at the same time 5 slips his screen to look for the ball, with two wing players distracting the wing defenders, this action forces the zone to guard either the wings who can shoot it or the bigs inside.

  • Basketball Play - BLOB Slip HI LO
  • Basketball Play - BLOB Slip HI LO
  • Basketball Play - BLOB Slip HI LO
  • BLOB vs 2-3 Zone, Purdue elects to just inbound the ball to 1 at the top of the key, 4 fakes like he really wants the ball.

  • When 3 comes back inbounds, he fakes like he is setting a screen for 4 and slips to the high post. 2 & 4 Both cut to the wings looking for a shot & stretching the Defense.

  • As 4 exits to the wing, 5 screens the outside man. As soon as he sets the screen, he slips and looks for the ball to the rim. Because 3 has occupied x5 he can then dump the ball down to 5 who is open for a layup.