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Published 11/09/2013 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Tbis is a set play run by the Pittsburg Panthers in their pre-season game against Slippery Rock.  It is a low stack action utilizing the side PNR.

What makes this play so effective is the slip action by the 4 man and the 5 coming right in behind setting a good ball screen.

With 5 rolling to the basket, x4's defender is forced to help leaving 4 wide open in the corner for the throwback pass and subsequent open 3 pt shot.

Jamie Dixon does a good job with his offensive sets and this play is an effective way to read the defense and take advantage of a help situation.

  • Basketball Play - Side PNR Pop
  • Basketball Play - Side PNR Pop
  • Side PNR Pop vs M2M


    This play was run in the opening minutes of the Pitt Panthers pre-season game against Slippery Rock


    1 (Robinson - 0) makes the entry pass to 3 (Patterson - 21) popping out of the low stack to the wing


    1 (Robinson - 0) passes and cuts to the opposite corner as 2 (Wright - 3) pops out of the stack to the weak side wing


    4 (Young - 2) sprints to set a side ball screen

  • Side PNR Pop vs M2M


    4 (Young - 2) slips the screen to the corner as 5 (Zanna - 42) moves off the ball side block to set the ball screen


    3 (Patterson - 21) comes off the screen and looks to throwback to the corner to 4 (Young - 2) spotting up for the 3 pt shot


    5 (Zanna - 42) rolls out of the side PNR to the post and uses good footwork to position himself for a possible baseline entry pass when the shot is not open