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About This Play/Drill

This is the winning shot hit last night by Casey Jacobsen for the Brosebaskets Bamberg of Germany in their Euroleague match-up against Anadolu Efes Istanbul from Turkey. With the victory, Bamberg improves to 2-1 in their group.


Jacobsen left the Stanford Cardinals in 2002 and played 3 years with the Phoenix Suns in the NBA. He had a short stint with the New Orleans Hornets before going overseas to play with Baskonia Vittoria.of Spain. From there he went to play with Bamberg leading them to the 2007 German Bundesliga Title. He spent one season with Bamberg before returning stateside to play with the Memphis Grizzlies before returning overseas to Germany to play with storied club Alba Berlin. Since 2009, Jacobsen has been back with the Brosebaskets Bamberg leading them to 4 Titles.


Head Coach Chris Fleming is a graduate of the University of Richmond and has success at every stop he's been at in Germany as a Head Coach. This is a well designed play especially with the screen on the inbounder enabling the penetration and kick action.

  • Basketball Play - Brose Baskets Bamberg Late Game SLOB
  • Basketball Play - Brose Baskets Bamberg Late Game SLOB
  • Basketball Play - Brose Baskets Bamberg Late Game SLOB
  • The Brosebaskets Bamberg ran this play in the Euroleague game last night trailing 86-85 with .06 left to play.


    3 (Jacobsen - 23) runs off a pin down screen set by 4 (Ford - 15) and directly into a middle stagger screen set by 5 (Zirbes - 33)


    1 (Smith - 31) is looking to hit 3 (Jacobsen - 23) off either one of these cuts for the possible 3 pt shot

  • SLOB vs M2M - Late Game .06


    4 (Ford - 15) goes across and sets a screen for 2 (Goldberry - 5) who comes off the screen and receives the inbounds pass from 1 (Smith - 31)


    5 (Zirbes - 33) moves to set a screen on x1 as 1 (Smith - 31) comes inbounds and receives the pass from 2 (Goldberry - 5)

  • SLOB vs M2M - Late Game .06


    1 (Smith - 31) looks to attack off the catch and gets to the lane where he kicks the ball out to 3 (Jacobsen - 23) for the wide open 3 pt shot


    *Casey Jacobsen drilled the 3 to win the game for Bamberg. Jacobsen is a graudate of Stanford University and former NBA player with Phoenix, New Orleans, and Memphis. He has helped Bamberg win 5 Titles in the German Basketball Bundesliga