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Published 05/02/2024 by Stavros Evgeniadis Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Monaco ran this play at the 3rd quarter of the game Fenerbahce for Round 3 of Euroleague Playoffs. With 1.7 seconds left for their offense, Monaco ran this SLOB which had a stagger exit through a back screen (blind screen) for 4 who cuts at the rim for a dunk. Video clip below.

  • Basketball Play - Monaco - Stagger Lob SLOB
  • Basketball Play - Monaco - Stagger Lob SLOB
  • 3&5 stagger screen for 2.

    2 exits at the top of the key.

  • 3 sets a back screen to 4.

    4 cuts at the rim.

    1 makes a lob pass to 4 who dunks.