"Feed" Quick Hitter - FastModel Sports

Published 02/24/2024 by Dymetrius Ware Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This quick hitter has been used by many coaches, including myself, in colloge and the NBA over the past 20 years. 

  • Basketball Play - "Feed" Quick Hitter
  • Basketball Play - "Feed" Quick Hitter
  • The 5 on the block, the 2 in the ball side corner, the 3 is on the weak side of the floor off the elbow. The 4 is in the window

    The 1 will push the 2 to the corner, As if there a direct pass, going to the 2.

  • 3 will not sprint across the floor to ball side between the 2 and the 1. The 2 will now jet to the low post. 5 will then set a screen, The 2 will rub off 5's screen. The 4 will set a down screen for 2, As the down screen is happening, the 1 will now turn and look for the 2 coming off 4 screen for open 3pt shot at the top of the key/ Window.