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About This Play/Drill

In this diagram and embedded video we look at the drill for the offensive concept called "Tight." This video shows how to break the offense down into a smaller chunk to work on during the breakdown portion of practice.

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  • Basketball Play - 2v2 "Tight" Drill
  • Basketball Play - 2v2 "Tight" Drill
  • Organization: Players on in teams of two starting on the low blocks. An opposing team of defense defends them. A coach is the passer on the wing.


    "2 on 2 Hi/Low"

    Description: One offensive player flashes to the high post to receive a pass on two feet from the coach. On the catch the offensive player should pivot to face up to the basket and read the play.


    The offensive player without the ball should be sealing off the defense and showing a passing target to his teammate. The offensive player with the ball should read the hi/low. If the hi/low is not open, he should look to drive the ball to score. Interior passing is discouraged after the initial hi/low passing look. First team to score 2 times wins.



    -Catch on two feet with two hands

    -Pivot to face the basket

    -Seal low and wide, and show a target

  • "2 on 2 Tight"

    Players use a cross screen roll back to play two on two. The coach can make a direct entry to the post or wait for action to develop. The player have freedom to play once the ball is entered. No switching is allowed. First team to 2 scores wins.