Akron Zips - Box Iverson - FastModel Sports

Published 03/18/2022 by Timothy Hipps Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

A set from a series of offensives plays the Akron men went with to isolate a mobile, agile big on the high post.

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  • Basketball Play - Akron Zips - Box Iverson
  • Basketball Play - Akron Zips - Box Iverson
  • Akron has a few actions for very mobile big men. From a box formation, allow a guard to use an Iverson cut off that big man at the nail. A shooter should be getting a screen to exit out to the strong side corner as the point guard takes the ball one way.

  • On the clear out, the 5 man has the elbow high post area to drive and create.