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About This Play/Drill

In this diagram and embedded video we look at a drill to sharpen your players' fundamentals. The embedded video below walks through the drill, which may be easier to pick up than from just the diagram alone. I love the emphasis on passing, cutting, catching and pivoting within this drill.

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  • Basketball Play - Coach K Fundamentals Drill

Bottom right line: Uses a change of pace and direction to make a hard cut, showing a target, coming through the pass, catching on two feet, pivoting quickly on the catch and making a fake pass before passing to the player coming from the top left line


Bottom left line: Fakes a pass to make a pass and concentrates on accuracy of his pass and hitting the target. A chest pass should be between the waist and shoulders and bounce pass between the waist and knees


Top left line: Same as bottom right line except the will pivot, rip, dribble, jump stop and deliver a pass


Top right line: They use a v-cut or pin and seal to catch the pass on two feet and use a front or reverse pivot to square to the basket. Then they execute a specific stationary series of moves and a specific finish.


The drill is continuous with one player starting after another has cleared enough space to not run into each other.