Villanova Pressure Release - FastModel Sports

Published 09/30/2021 by Joel Hueser Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Getting open is a great skill to master, and no one better to model this than Villanova. Learn to think one pass ahead and post-up on the perimeter.

  • Basketball Play - Villanova Pressure Release
  • Basketball Play - Villanova Pressure Release
  • Drill Flow:

    Player 1 (and then 2) get open vs denial pressure by executing the following:

    *V-Cut properly. Consider the angle of return (aka perimeter post-up) and provide outside hand.

    *Player 3 (and then 4) passes to the outside hand. In doing so, step across and flick pass to the outside hand provided.

  • Drill Flow Continued:

    On the catch, player 1 (and then 2) concentrate on the following:


    *Ball Protection

    *Blow-by and Crossover Moves



    Minimize the dribble (2-3 dribbles max).


    Eventually, flip-flop the passing line (slot) with the receiving line (forward).