Rosenthal: 2 Up - FastModel Sports

Published 02/13/2012 by Brandon Rosenthal Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Today's 'Post Up' from is a Horns set that gives you two great options to get the ball to the rim for a score. Send this to your FastDraw Playbook by clicking the 'Send to FastDraw' button below.  You can also follow Coach Rosenthal on Twitter: @CoachRosenthal

  • Basketball Play - Rosenthal: 2 Up
  • Basketball Play - Rosenthal: 2 Up
  • 1 dribbles off the high double screen.  5 sets a down screen for 2.  2 curls hard to the rim.  1 looks to hit 2.  If 2 is not open, 4 fans out to the top of the key as 2 continues to corner.

  • 1 passes to 4, then 5 slips hard to the rim as 2 slides to the corner.  4 looks to hit 5 on the High-Low entry pass.