Miami Box Lob - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

The Miami Heat ran this play in the 2012 playoffs to get a lob for Dwyane Wade. The lob action has also been successful for us, but once teams have the play scouted, we've been able to take advantage by inbounding to the screener and setting up a handoff or a down screen option. It is critical that 3 sells the initial zipper cut, as most teams will deny this pass and this will force the defender into a position where he's easier to screen coming back to the basket.

  • Basketball Play - Miami Box Lob
  • Basketball Play - Miami Box Lob
  • 1) 3 flashes hard up the lane line off a zipper screen from 5. 2 runs the baseline to the strong corner.

    2) 3 loops back around and uses a back screen from 4. 1 looks to hit 3 with a lob pass.

  • 3) If 3 isn't available for the lob, 1 hits 4 stepping out at the top of the key. 1 follows his pass and cuts off 4.

    4) 4 has the option to hand the ball to 1 for a dribble attack, or fake the handoff and look for 3 coming off the stagger screen from 2 and 5.