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About This Play/Drill

POST TRAP using GO TOP. The TOP I help defender "goes green" to trap the post entry. Basic rotation on pass out of the trap. 

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  • Basketball Play - Post Traps - "Go Top"
  • Basketball Play - Post Traps - "Go Top"
  • Go Top - Top I "goes green"

    X1 establishes box pressure by assuming a pass denial position against 1. X5 in baseline pass denial or is caught behind 5. X5 attempting to deny and deflect any post entry to 5.


    3 enters to 5


    Who goes green? (going green = trapping)

    Go Top - In "GO TOP" the Top I defender goes green.

    X4 maintains low I help position

    X2 goes green and trap the post with X5. X5 takes away baseline turn, X2 takes away the top side turn.

    X1 drops to TOP I

    X3 stays attached to 3 on the ball side


    Timing of the Trap

    1. X2 can go early by rotating to double team as soon as 3 receives the ball

    2. X2 can rotate on feel and time the trap with the catch

    3. X2 can fake the trap

  • Pass Out of Trap - Close Outs and Rotations

    X1 closes out 1 on air time

    X4 close out to 2 on air time, preferably fast enough to deny the "one more" pass to 2. If 2 does get the catch, X4 is in baseline push.

    X1 assumes pass denial on 1 if the ball is fully reversed

    X3 gets to Top I if ball fully reverses to 2

    X2 sprints across lane on air time to FRONT 4

    X5 moves to LOW I