PACERS POST UP - FastModel Sports

Published 05/19/2014 by Jens Hakanowitz Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

In Game 1 of the EC Finals the Pacers forced numerous post ups. Presumably due to the fact that the Heat helped one pass away and left Indiana's shooter wide open at the perimeter.

  • Basketball Play - PACERS POST UP
Frame 1
1 (Hill) passes to 5 (Hibbert)
3 (George) cuts to the basket for a post up
1 (Hill) fills the weak side wing
Frame 2
5 (Hibbert) swing the ball to 2 (Stephenson)
Frame 3
5 (Hibbert) set a on ball screen
3 (George) sets a backsreen on the defender of 5 (Hibbert)
5 (Hibbert) cuts to the opposite low post
2 (Stephenson) swings the ball to 4 (West)
4 (West) swings it to 1 (Hill)
Frame 4
1 (Hill) can pass the ball inside to 5 (Hibbert) or 3 (George) coming off a down screen set by 4 (West)