Wizards Post Up - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

The Washington Wizards ran this play several times to post up Marcin Gortat during Game 5 of the EC Semi-Finals against the Pacers. The combination of a movement going to the ball (handoff) and going away from the ball (stack cross screen) makes it so effective.

  • Basketball Play - Wizards Post Up
Frame 1
1 (Wall) passes to 4 (Nene) and cuts through the middle
5 (Gortat) sets a down screen on 2 (Beal)
Frame 2
4 (Nene) and 2 (Beal) run a handoff
meanwhile 3 (Ariza) and 1 (Wall) setting a stack cross screen for 5 (Gortat) cutting to the post
Frame 3
2 (Beal) can either pass the ball inside to 5 (Gortat) or to 1 (Wall) coming of a down screen of 4 (Nene)