1v2 Competition Scoring - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Competitive drill focusing on offensive playing getting to the basket quickly and finishing vs 2 defenders.


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  • Basketball Play - 1v2 Competition Scoring
  • Basketball Play - 1v2 Competition Scoring
  • - Offensive player starts with the ball at half court.

    - Defensive players start in the deep corners, with a foot on the baseline corner.

    - The offense initiates the drill on first movement and its live 1v2.

    - Offense stays after a score.
    Offense has to dribble back to half court while defenders have to touch one of the corners before playing defense again.

  • - On a defensive stop, the defender that comes up with the ball is now on offense.

    - The ball must go back to half court after every score or change of possession, and the players on defense must touch one of the baseline corners (can go to either one).

    - The competition remains continuous for the pre-determined time or score

    - Each basket is worth 1 point.