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About This Play/Drill

This is a great drill for getting a ton of ball handling reps. This works stationary ball handling, handle on the move, first step off the dribble, and change of pace. It is also a great conditioner and footwork drill and can be varied in many different ways based upon the creativity of the coach. 

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  • Basketball Play - Full Court Dribble Series
  • Basketball Play - Full Court Dribble Series
  • Basketball Play - Full Court Dribble Series
  • Basketball Play - Full Court Dribble Series
  • Start with 5 lines on the baseline. Separate the number of players into even numbers and give each of them a ball.


    Give the players a move that you would like to work on. For example, right hand pound dribble.

    On the whistle the five players at the front will begin a right hand pound dribble on the baseline.

    While they are dribbling coaches walk around and check their posture, guard hand, balance and feet.

    On the next whistle the first five players will explode out low and fast with the correct footwork.

    They will stop at the free throw line/free throw line extended area working on their change of pace.

  • When the first five players leave the baseline the next five begin the right hand pound dribble.

    Now there will be ten players dribbling all at the same time.

    Players must have perfect dribbling posture, feet balance, form and be in the correct spot with eyes up before the coach blows the whistle to move to the next line.

  • On the next whistle the second group will explode out and the third group will begin. There will now be 15 players pound dribbling.

  • Each group continues and will end at opposite baseline with a jump stop and a pivot.

    6 minute drill vary the dribble move.


    inside out, front to back, behind the back, crossover, two balls, etc.