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Published 07/08/2018 by Michael Shaughnessy Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Here are some of the situational 3v3 games I use with players to put them in different spots on the floor and in different actions. These situations are designed to develop players' decision making with and without the basketball on offense, and develop a player's understanding of defensive rotations and guarding common actions at the high school/college level. 

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  • Basketball Play - Situational 3v3
  • Basketball Play - Situational 3v3
  • Basketball Play - Situational 3v3
  • Basketball Play - Situational 3v3
Frame 1
- 1 starts with ball on the wing. x1 starts on outside shoulder behind them.
- 5 is in the dunker spot, 2 opposite wing with x2 in the gap. 
- Play is live on 1's initial movement. 
Frame 2
- Slot Drive with x1 on back shoulder.
- 2 is corner, 5 is in dunker spot opposite the ball.
- Ball is live on player 1's initial movement.
Frame 3
- Baseline drive. x1 starts on inside hip of player 1. 1 is getting downhill baseline.
- Working on making plays vs. rotation and offensively getting to the correct spots on the drive.
- Play is live on player 1's initial movment. 
Frames 4 & 5
- Split action - players should play freely being creative with cutting, slipping, and using the screen. 
- Whoever does not cut pops and 5 can play dho or ball screen.
- 2 can fill out to replace at wing or fill out to opposite side.
- 5 must play the split game and cannot immediately attack baseline side. 
Frames 6 & 7
- DHO to Ball Screen
- 1 DHO to 2 and then player 1 will replace to the wing or fill out opposite side. 
- 5 ball screen for 2. 5 rolls if 1 replaces or can pop if 1 filled out opposite side. 
Frame 8 - Small Sided (Half the court)
- Side Ball Screen game. Play is live on 1's bounce. 
- Working on 5 diving hard to the rim with 2 lifting (shake man) from the corner to wing. 
- Game is played on half the court working on quick decision making on the options of:
  • Pass to 5 diving
  • Player 1 creating for themself
  • Player 1 throws back to player 2 on the lift.
  • Player 1 throws back to player 2 on the lift, player 2 enters ball to 5 ducking in after rolling to rim.