10 Makes in 90 Seconds - FastModel Sports

Published 07/07/2018 by Michael Shaughnessy Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Shooting drill that has a specific goal with makes and time to add a competitive element. Also works on conditioning as players touch half court between reps. 


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  • Basketball Play - 10 Makes in 90 Seconds

Player starts in corner.

- Player has to make 2 shots before moving to the next spot.

- Once a player makes 2, player has to sprint and touch half court before moving to the next spot.

- Player has 90 seconds to complete 10 makes.

- If they complete 10 makes with time left, they can start to go back around the horn.


*If they complete 10 makes under 90 seconds, the next goal is 2 consecutive makes at each spot.