11 Man Fast Break Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

The 11 Man Fastbreak is one of our players' favorite drills. It is essentially a continous 3 on 2 transition drill that we use to emphasize pitch aheads and "Finding Advantages." This is generally a drill where I try not to blow the whistle much, but I will blow the whistle if we are straying from our transtion principles. I generally choose to emphasize 1) Running the Sideline Hard, 2) Hunting Pitch Ahead Passes, 3) Keeping Advantages Alive, and 4) Attacking the Rim. 

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  • Basketball Play - 11 Man Fast Break Drill
  • Basketball Play - 11 Man Fast Break Drill
  • Basketball Play - 11 Man Fast Break Drill
  • 11 Man Fastbreak: Drill Setup


    1. Two Defenders at Each Basket

    2. Three Players on Offense

    3. Two Outlet Lines at Each Basket at the End Line.

    4. Everyone Else fills in behind an "Outlet Line"


  • 11 Man Fastbreak: Score & Change Ends


    1. We have only 1 Shot to Score.

    2. Whoever gets the Rebound (Or Steal) Looks to BYOO "Be Your Own Outlet".

    3. The Rebounder & The Two Outlets Sprint 3 on 2 down to the Other End of the Floor

    4. The Remaining Players Make a New Defense or Get to the end of the Outlet Lines


  • 11 Man Fastbreak: Points of Emphasis


    1. Outlet Lines are Sprinting the Sidelines Hard.

    2. The Ball Handler is Hunting Pitch Ahead Opportunities

    3. If none is available, Attack the Rim & Flip to a Trailer

    4. Defensive Communication, Especially First 2 Passes