2 Down - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Here is a set play that can be run for continuity with a stagger screen going on each time it is run. This is a great play to get a 3 point play for your 3 man, but it can be an even more effective ISO for 2 if the ball is thrown to him as he pulls across the lane. Because of the stagger going on the opposite side of the floor, the help side should be occupied and 2 can have a good chance to attack and create. Another option that could be open is 4 slipping to the basket after setting his top part of the stagger screen. If his man hedges hard to help on 3 popping to the wing, you could have a good look at 4 slipping to the basket.

  • Basketball Play - 2 Down
  • Basketball Play - 2 Down
  • 4 and 5 double screen for 2

    2 pulls across lane to opposite wing

  • 1 dribbles at 2

    2 cuts back door

    5 and 4 set a stagger screen for 3

    3 pops to wing for a catch and shoot