Wildcat - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Here is a play that John Calipari ran in his first year at Kentucky. This was a great set for that team because of where it placed their extremely talented players. You had 5 (Cousins) in the post, 1 (John Wall) attacking off the ball screen, and 2 (Eric Bledsoe) coming off of the stagger. They would run this at the end of the shot clock to get a good look. 

  • Basketball Play - Wildcat
  • Basketball Play - Wildcat
  • 4 sets a ball screen for 1

    1 looks to attack off the screen

    3 sets back screen for 5

    5 sprints to the low block looking for the ball

  • 1 looks to hit 5 in the post

    4 and 3 stagger away for 2

    2 pops to the top of key for a catch and shoot jumper