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About This Play/Drill

"Off" is another great set to run as a counter if your team has an offense that incorporates the Iverson cut. One of the strongest parts of this set the spacing and the opportunities that the offense has as a result. 5 ducking in hard in front of the rim is a great option and 2 has a lot of room to create coming off of the ball screen. This is a great way to get a good look while giving your players a good amount of freedom. 

  • Basketball Play - Off
  • Basketball Play - Off
  • 3 pops to the left corner

    4 and 5 set up like they are going to screen for 2

    2 fakes the iverson cut and breaks off 4's screen to the wing

    1 hits 2

    1 spaces away from the pass

  • 4 ball screens for 2 and pops

    2 attacks off the ball screen

    5 ducks in the lane

    1 and 3 are ready to spot up