Bulls Box Ball Screen - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Play shown by Jeff Van Gundy.  He got this from Scott Skiles who ran it with the Bulls with Ben Gordan as the 2.  Instead of going 1-4 low at the end of quarters the down screen would start at 7 seconds.  Depending on the coverage 2 can pull up for a jump shot or drive for a finish at the rim.  2 can drive and kick to 1.  4 and 5 can roll and replace.  5 can pop and 2 can use the throwback pass.  2 can also pass to 4 if 4's defender helps on the drive.  

  • Basketball Play - Bulls Box Ball Screen
  • Basketball Play - Bulls Box Ball Screen
  • 4 pins down for 2

    3 clears to the corner

    1 passes to 2

    5 flares 1

  • 5 screens 2