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About This Play/Drill

Here is a set that was run often by the Wichita State Shockers throughout the past season. This quick hitter gives you the option of 1 attacking off the ball screen, 4 cutting to the basket, 3 for a jumper, or 5 posting up on the block. This play is effective for getting a post up because of the misdirection that takes place off the ball screen. As 1 attacks off the ball screen and 4 cuts hard of the back screen from 5, the defense will anticipate the play coming to the strong side. As 3 pops and 5 slips to post up, the ball can be thrown back to 3 and 5 can effectively post up for a quality look at the basket. 

  • Basketball Play - Shuffle Slip
  • Basketball Play - Shuffle Slip
  • Basketball Play - Shuffle Slip
  • 2 pops to corner

    5 slides down to the block

    1 dribbles left to set up a ball screen

    4 ball screens 1and then sets a down screen for 3

    3 pops to the wing

  • 5 sets a back screen for 4

    4 shuffle cuts to the block

    1 looks to hit 4 on the cut or 3 on the wing

  • 5 slips to block after screening 4

    3 looks to hit 5 on the block