Cleveland Cavaliers - SLOB EOG Need a 3 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

The Cleveland Cavaliers ran this play down 3 with 12.9 seconds left in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. With no timeouts left, the Cavaliers were looking for a three point shot. This play provided two options at it, but both were defended well by the Warriors. The Cavaliers subbed out Kyle Korver on this possession but he wouldn't have been an option. They were looking for Kyrie (1) or LeBron (3)

  • Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers - SLOB EOG Need a 3

2 cuts to the weakside corner.

5 cuts off of the screen from 3 to screen for 1.

1 cuts to the ball.

3 cuts to the corner.

4 can pass to 1 or 3 for a shot.